Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Jan 12th... still 2013

Valium took a while to kick in last night so I stared at the ceiling thinking about Googl’ing ‘effective suicide techniques’ (who is making these websites?) but in the end I couldn’t be bothered to commit suicide so I rolled over and eventually got some sleep. The interview was a breeze as far as I can recall. Had Liam all afternoon – he was being a right little bugger; think Josh has been spoiling him. Or probably Jailbait-Jenny. Must have words. Pretty crap day all in all, but Mondays always are, aren’t they? Tomorrow might be better. Though I doubt it. Must remember to go to the gallery opening in town on Friday. I’m supposed to write a review. Might be fun. I’ll see if Alfie wants to come... That’s a point. Just realised Alfie hasn’t called for three days. I suppose perhaps he forgot he had a girlfriend. I forget stuff all the time. That’s feasible, right? After two years... Guess I should call him.

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