Thursday, 6 May 2010

13th Jan

Dear Diary...
Got an answerphone message from that absurdly enthusiastic woman at OxCare this morning. Must remember to call her back. Pretty quick response to an interview. I guess I'm either really fantastic or they're really desperate... Just hope my colleagues aren't as window licking mad as the residents.
A kid threw a lolly at me when I was on my way to the bank this afternoon as well. Will go to the bank tomorrow. With clean hair. It seems, perhaps, the only way to maintain dignity is to stay in bed all day. Or perhaps, in death. Insulting the dead is very much frowned upon. I'm seeing Sue tomorrow perhaps I'll tell her about the lolly incident, I'm sure she'll be very concerned. I hope she doesn't want me to show her this diary. Also got asked to show ID when trying to buy a pot of PVA earlier. I only wanted to make Jamille a bloody birthday card. But it made me wonder when being asked for ID will start to feel good... Still don't feel old enough to be complimented by that sort of thing.
No. of good things to happen today: 1
No. of bad things to happen today: ...... 1

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